Photo of the Weekend: Baden-Baden

Leo Tolstoy allegedly patterned a city in Anna Karenina after it;

President Obama met with NATO leaders in 2009 for a meeting/social gatherings;

Marlene Dietrich is credited for saying it had “the most beautiful casino in the world”;

Dostoevsky wrote his novel The Gambler after trying his luck regularly at the casino.

Baden (“bahd-n”) means “baths”. Any German town that has the word “bad” in the name has some sort of health spa. There are many spa towns in Germany. We even live in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Passing through a Bad town not long ago, my friend pointed out a huge wall made of reeds bundled together with water seeping through. People go stand in front of the wall to soak in the humid, reed infused air to help their asthma and other respiratory problems.

Baden-Baden houses two very large and popular spas, attracting thousands of people every year. The town features natural hot springs that the Romans harnessed, starting the therapeutic trend (Arthritis anyone?). Alan and I learned a little about this in our Massage Therapist training enhancing my fascination for being in a town with a spa as the highlight. The Baden-Baden spas offer aromatherapy, warm spring pools, and all kinds of massage treatments. We thought we’d give it a try but we got a late start on Saturday and discovered, after arriving, that we needed to make an appointment for a treatment. Instead, we explored the beautiful town and are making plans to go back for the spa experience.

I had a really difficult time choosing a favorite photo from our day in Baden-Baden. The town is at the top of my list of favorite places in Germany (so far). And it’s not because of ‘the most beautiful casino the world’–of which I didn’t step foot inside.

I love this village for its hills and valleys, the tree lined stream that runs between the streets, the elegant architecture. And I love it for its spectacular corners like this, my pick for Photo of the Weekend:

It’s a town that brings me warm and fuzzies. And I haven’t even been to the spa yet. Knowing how much I enjoy a hot bath, I can only float on the anticipation.

See why else I fell madly for this spot:


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Weekend: Baden-Baden

  1. Love the photos! Hope ya don’t mind but I stole a photo and it is now my desktop background. I would love to see the village in person someday.

    Factoid: Did you know that Mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant spread by birds who eat the berries and poop the seeds on other branches of the same or neighboring trees. The seeds in the poo then germinate and the plant can and will eventually kill the host tree.
    And we kiss under this poo plant. 🙂 Think of that next time you get a smooch under some Mistletoe.

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