Veteran’s Day 11-11-11 in Pictures

My Al has a thing with numbers. Especially 11:11. He always points it out when he witnesses the time as such. And today, when I saw that it was 11:11 on 11-11-11, I made sure to show him.

Today’s more special than that, though.

Remembering our Veteran’s through pictures (a few mine, most not; many of these sources include great articles commemorating this day):

The Tally

Waiting. Cramped. Hot. Waiting. Trying not to get sand in everything they own. And Waiting to do their duty.

Those who did their duty and are memorialized in a small way.

The Scouts in our ward lined our yard and street with flags after Alan returned home from Iraq.

And, finally, thanks to My Al…

for giving me a personal knowledge of what it means to stand up and serve one’s country.

Here’s to remembering your service on this, 11-11-11.

I love you! 

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