Photo of the Weekend: Whirlpools & Sprockets

Okay. I cheated on this one.

Meaning I didn’t take this photo. We went here but we didn’t take the camera into the pool area with us.

With a 4-day weekend for Alan we had an eventful one, but the ops weren’t ideal for a Photo of the Weekend.

We went back to Baden-Baden to experience the Caracalla Therme spa (above). We thought we would try out the pool area first and then go back for massages if we liked the spa.

The Caracalla pool area consists of warm mineral water pools, two hot tubs, and many different kinds of jets to get pounded by and whirlpools to relax in. It also features an aromatherapy room, a brine room (they pickle everything here, even people), heat lamps to bake under, tanning beds (avg. sunshine in the winter=3 hrs. a day), and “completely garment-free spa areas” (which we avoided like the plague). The massage treatments are extra and were fully booked for the day. The French live less than an hour away from Baden-Baden and were celebrating 11-11-11, Armistice Day, also.

That was how we celebrated Veterans Day; surrounded by the French and a few Germans in Germany. Look how far this world has come.

The pool was nice, but didn’t wow us enough to want to go back. The restaurant was excellent though: sea bass and butter fish. Mmm-mmm!

Saturday we drove an hour North of us to the Ramstein Air Base for the American Mall experience. It was as close as it comes around here, anyway. The fast food shops were American, they have a Macaroni Grill, a movie theater, and the PX was ginormous. The rest of the stores were not of American lineage–with the exception of Harley Davidson.

Ramstein AB was a nice little taste of home.

My Photo(s) of the Weekend has nothing to do with any of the above.

It has everything to do with spring loaded Yorkie Terriers and dog sitting.

Meet Sprocket:

He’s about 9 months old. My friend wanted a dog that would fit in her purse so she could take it everywhere. And she does. Except when going to Sweden with her husband to pick up their new Volvo. Apparently it is no kids/puppies allowed trip; even purse sized ones.

This is our first time sitting Sprocket. So far so good.

After we took away the bone that made Woody crazy (and turned his paws red), they got along just fine.

I tried to convince our firiends to name him Gizmo, but they were already set on Sprocket.

One thought on “Photo of the Weekend: Whirlpools & Sprockets

  1. The pool looks wonderful. I’m wowed just by the photo! I had a long jacuzzi bath last night and felt like a new person when I got out, and this morning I feel good as well. Love the jets and the hot water!

    Sprocket is darling. Such a cute little thing, Woody is a doll-face puppy. MIss him bunches too.

    Love this post. It was so cute–pickling people! Keep writing often and oftener! Love you, MOM

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