FGF 11/15/11 – Josef Seibel Boots

My first pair of shoes purchased in Germany…

are boots from Germany’s own Josef Seibel. They should handle the slick snow (even with the heel), keep my feet dry, and still look cute.

I’ve long since taken the low road of Swank when it comes to fashion. Sure, I enjoy fashion. I like clothes and shoes. A lot. But my life has taught me to do my own thing, especially where shoes are concerned. Whenever I have sacrificed in the name of Trendy for shoes, I feel like I totally wasted my money. Even if it was only $15.

‘My own shoe thing’ has to fall under all 4 criteria:

1. Comfortable–thick soled for my wimpy feet

2. Quality–much goes into my decision so they need to last a long time

3. They speak to me–yes, I hear voices in my head

4. Affordable–usually less than $60; I look for Quality at the 50% Off rack)

My new boots are not my first pair of official European shoes. Oh no. Denmark has my heart when it comes to shoes, but I haven’t been in the right place at the right time to find my beloved Dansko shoes. My aforementioned 6 year old magical brown Danskos are finally losing their verve so I’m on the lookout. In the 10-15 shops I’ve sauntered through there have only been a handful and all on the ugly and expensive (100 euro+) end of Dansko.


I think we need to plan a Spring trip to Denmark. Sounds like perfect timing to replace my magical browns.

4 thoughts on “FGF 11/15/11 – Josef Seibel Boots

  1. Ha, you have come to the dark side!!! Josef Seibel boots and shoes have got a grip on you now!!! I love them and have boots, shoes, sandals – even a tote bag. I think that it might be becoming a bit of an obsession for me now 🙂

    • Wow, you’re a collector, Orla! I have discovered that my boots are not really meant for the wet weather though. My toes get wet in them. That’s ok. I still like them a lot!

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