This Thanksgiving.gnivigsknahT tsaL

The timing of my hysterectomy last year was right for so many reasons. It was wrong for one: Feasting with family. Just ask my intestines. They remember my brother and sister-in-law’s delicious bird and mashed potatoes very well.

Of all the moments in my life that I would never want to relive, a post abdominal surgery intestinal obstruction is pretty high on the list.

Last week I wrote about how I am most grateful this Thanksgiving for my Grandpa. Next in line to him is my health, post-Endometriosis.

Thanksgiving Day last year, before being released from the hospital and before the intestinal obstruction. See the smile?

This year I’m in Germany.

With Woody (and a little sinus cold–sick eyes, tissue in the pocket).

And with My Handsome.

And with a bunch of new friends.

Just as the flip side of tribulation goes, this Thanksgiving was made better by last year’s endurance.

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