Photo of the Weekend: Staying In

With Alan out of town for work over the weekend, Woody and I decided to hunker down at the Mini Haus with a marathon of TV/movie and junk food. It’s been a while. It was time.

Alright, alright! I confess to being the sole participant of grazing on pancakes, Mango gummies, Cheetos, Ritter Sport bar, a mixture of Limonade and Coca-cola, and hot chocolate. Woody only wished he could.

I considered keeping to my goal of seeing a new place every weekend, but the windy cold rain talked me out of it. Instead, I got sucked in to watching far too many people die on Vampire Diaries (sucked in–ha!), catching up on the new season of Bones (the show Alan and I watch together–unless one of is gone and we can’t withstand the temptation), and watching my annual Christmas traditional favorite…

Sorry. No beautiful German scenery. No Christmas markets. For this week’s Photo of the Weekend, I bring you , Little Women at the Hallway Theater:

This is how we roll at the Mini Haus; the internet cable almost reaches the living room. The mini hallway lends itself to a surround sound effect.

Every year I watch Little Women while I decorate my home for Christmas. I didn’t exactly do that this year. For one thing there’s no room for a Christmas tree. For another thing Mini Haus+one short year=Christmas decor in Utah storage. And thirdly–which should have come firstly–decorating with the leftover candles and evergreen branches from last week’s wreath making took all of 5 minutes; movie=115 minutes.

Little Women. What can I say? It’s the love of family and the three Christmases within one movie that get me.

Maybe it’s the post Civil War era setting. The house. The wit of Louisa May Alcott’s characters. A  brilliant young Kirsten Dunst. An adorable Christian Bale.

By now this movie has surpassed all in the number of times I have seen any others.  That means a quote can pop out of my memory at any unsuspecting moment. Movie quotes do that to me anyway. I have become aware that this is a way I cope with anxiety and stress. Movie quotes. You should try it. Here are some excellent suggestions to help you feel better, counting down from least (but still favorite) to most often uttered from my lips.

11 – “The poor are always among us. You are so good to remind us.”  – I don’t recommend saying this out loud to anyone. It’s rude. But funny. Say it to yourself when appropriate.

10 – “Over the mysteries of female life is drawn a veil best left undisturbed.” – ANY time your husband questions what you do with your time, or why you’re late. The uses really are endless.

9 – “He isn’t a boy. He’s Laurie.” — or– “He isn’t Batman. He’s Laurie.” –or–  how about “He isn’t Christian Bale. He’s Laurie.”

8 – “She’s completely bald in front.” – Whenever you’re having a bad hair day, say this and remember that Meg’s lock of hair got burned off and she still went to the dance and sprained her ankle.

7  – “I think we are all hopelessly flawed.”  – Don’t use this as a pick up line. Gabriel Byrne is the only one who could pull that one off. Stick to saying it to your best friend or your teenager.

6 – “Crabby old miser.” — I wanted to yell this at my German neighbor lady. I might mumble it under my breath next time.

5 – “I’m exhaustified of being the boy.” — Just substitute “the boy” for anything of your choice and say it with the gusto of a 10 year old. You’ll feel better.

4 – “‘Revenge is mine!’, quoth he.” — I know a few family members who think I should have mastered these words with my ex-husband. Saying this phrase the way Jo (Wynona Rider) does is exhilarating, therapeutic.

3 – “We’ve been expectuating you for hours!” — I guarantee this will ensure your expected party will feel less frazzled at their arrival.

2 – “Isn’t butter divinity!” — Or you could also say, “Julia Child died at age 92 and cooked with loads of butter.” That’s my excuse.

1 – “I should have been a great many things.” — This one is especially great for us ADHDers. It’s my excuse for everything.
I discovered one more quote this go around and decided I want it said at my funeral:

“Nothing provokes speculation more than the sight of a woman enjoying herself.”

But then again, I would have to be sure to live my life that way. My marathon and my blogging about it is a step in that direction.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Weekend: Staying In

  1. Good one. I actually loved this movie long before I met you guys, and there are two on our shelf, just to let you know, even though I never saw it as a Christmas movie. Em puts this movie on when she decorates too. This year I think I heard her say “Lynsie says that” at least three times. I think she misses you. Here’s my line: “All those beautiful limes,” though I don’t know the occasion it should be used.

  2. I thought I had read this one, but read it again today and realized I had missed it somehow. I LOVE it. I LOVE you and your movie quotes and “Little Women.” I am so impressed with John. I took Dad to see it–my third time seeing it, and he said, (right when I was thinking “this is the best movie I’ve ever seen”) “Is this a good movie?”

    I often say, “Isn’t butter divinity?” or anything I am loving at the moment. Right now I’m thinking “Isn’t money divinity?”

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