FGF 12/7/11 – Blumenladen

I just can’t get over them. Every one I’ve seen impresses me. I don’t know it for sure, but there must be special schools to become Floristen Artists in Germany…

My Favorite German Find this week is local floral shops, or auf Deutsch (“in German”) = “Blumenladen” (bloom-en-lah-den).

This lovely shop in Leimen is less than a 10 minute walk from our place. I don’t even know the name of it, but it ranks high on my list of FGF’s.

I like to go in for an eye feast often and have purchased a few gifts from here.

The first item I bought was a flash frozen rose bloom. The rose doesn’t need water because it’s been “flash frozen” to look fresh and last as long as a dried flower might. They have them in many different colors. I have seen them arranged most often with a single rose blossom, greenery and other accents like pears or beads, all nestled in a small cup vase. (I know, I should have taken a photo before I gave it away.)

When I went by around 2:30 to get a photo today, the shop was closed so I didn’t get any shots of the inside. But take a look at these simple yet fun creations…

These stars are my favorite.

See the pine cones and greenery at the bottom of Santa?

Yes, they leave all of that outside while they take their two hour lunch break.

Here are a few attempts to photograph the items inside.

Ich werde einer der alles nehmen, bitte.

That means “I’ll take one of everything, please.”

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