Photo of the Weekend: Frankfurt

December is packed with parties and baby sitting. I think we’re staying indoors for the duration.

But I have been holding out on you…

There are day trips I haven’t told you about.

On October 31st we visited Frankfurt. We took the walking tour advised by the author of this book:

Our edition of the book (older than the above) had a map that was partly cut off by the binding and the step by step instructions led us on a route that having gone on we would never do again. But at least we know now.

The highlights for me were the train ride from Heidelberg to Frankfurt,

Yes, we had to buy Woody a child’s ticket.

the Hauptbahnhof (train station),

the Opera house,

touring the house where the most famous literary genius in German history grew up–

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

and visiting the old town square.

But my choice for Photo of the Weekend was a toss up between two:

1. Though it doesn’t have the greatest composition or lighting, this photo explains the whole Frankfurt experience for me. The city is a stark contrast of the old and the new. It was noisy with people, traffic and construction everywhere, but the classic beauty is still mesmerizing. (Notice the modern financial building in the back left.)

2. Cobble stone streets are a treasure hunt for Woody making him difficult to wrangle. But then there are moments like these that make it all worth while.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Weekend: Frankfurt

  1. I’ve never studied much that Goethe has written. I remember in RS years ago a teacher pronounced his name “Go-eeth” I knew that was wrong, but didn’t know how to really say it until LIttle Women where it was pronounced Gurta or something close to that. I know he is raved about by all literary circles. I should read something he wrote.

    • I haven’t read anything of his either, but it’s a must now that I’ve visited his home and homeland and walked his path (Philosopher’s Way). His name is the hardest German word I’ve come across to say based on looking at the spelling. The Wikipedia “listen” link sounds most like the way I’ve heard it pronounced here.

  2. Great photos! I love following your adventures in Germany. I like the shot with old buildings and cobblestone streets. I could do without the new as it always takes away from the old charm, but I guess life must go on.

    That’s funny that you had to buy a child’s ticket for Woody when he sat on the floor, but it’s neat they let him ride the train. How long of a train ride was it? A round-trip scenic view?

    • Thanks, Jen! Germans love their dogs so they allow them almost everywhere. The train ride was about an hour and a half. We could have easily driven to Frankfurt, but we wanted to ride the train. The route travels through several villages and so yes, it was a scenic view.

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