FGF 12/15/11: The Other Rouladen

This weekend we are hanging out with two little men while their parents are on an anniversary getaway. As the winds howled at the windows of the third floor bedroom last night, I was reminded of a Favorite German Find.

I previously mentioned these soon after arriving in Germany. My first impression of them were that they were used to prevent nuclear fallout. I have since been enlightened by experience.

This week’s Favorite German Find:  the Rouladen. Not the edible Rouladen FGF. The other Rouladen. The kind that cover the windows.

They are a marvel. Some might say the greatest invention ever.

Attached to the outside or inserted between the thick masonry walls, these shades are–in technical terms–nifty.

The rouladen in our place…

are lowered or raised by pulling a strap.

The rouladen in newer constructed buildings–like the one we get to play house in this weekend–are commonly lowered/raised by an electrical switch.

What’s so different about these shades compared to others, you might ask. It’s all in the way they seal. See those gaps letting in light in the above photo? Those gaps disappear when they are lowered completely. Here are the benefits:

Convenient – Easy to clean; the electrical switches are awesome.

Efficient –  Keep the heat inside during Winter and cool air in the Summer (A/C is an ultimate luxury here); protect windows from the elements; and my favorite feature–dampen the outside noise while you sleep.

Essential – Again, the noise reduction as well as the privacy in these tightly populated villages is a must.

They have one downside…

When the wind blows in over the beautiful German hillside and the house is one of the first to bear the force, sleep is a challenge with the rattling of the rouladen. It was a love hate relationship last night.

Ah, but look at that view…

2 thoughts on “FGF 12/15/11: The Other Rouladen

  1. Er, these are not Rouladen, these are Rollladen. From Roll = roll and Laden = blinds!
    And we have them everywhere!!! On all our windows.
    Anke says hi from Bonn

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