Photo(s) of the Weekend: Chillin’ in the New Year

My Al has had the whole week off for the holidays. Except for that one day, but I had laundry to do and piano lessons to teach so that doesn’t count.

We took it easy with a few visits to a hill here, a village there, a new-to-us restaurant in Alte Stadt (old city) Heidelberg, a cemetery over yonder, a war zone–er, I mean New Year’s Eve in our home village of Leimen.

Just a note to anyone planning to move to Germany in the future–When they tell you that the fireworks here are insane, they are understating things.

Streets of Leimen on New Year’s Eve: The haze is not fog. It’s firework smoke.

My favorite part of the week was just having My Al to hang out with.

Woody and I will go through withdrawals next week.

The Woodster started this family hug moment. He cuddled up next to Alan like that and didn’t move for at least 5 minutes. He has to be the most affectionate dog in the world. Which is one of the reasons I love him so.

For my Photo of the Weekend I choose this one, captured on our night out to eat…

As we only have a few months left here, my Al and I have been discussing our favorite things about living in Germany. We’re both hard pressed to place anything else above our love for downtown Heidelberg. And Heidelberg at night is just spectacular.

Happy New Year!

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