2011 in Evolutionarily Blog Review

What a year 2011 has been!

With just a few months left here in Germany, I keep working through a mantra that goes a lot like this: “Don’t be obnoxious when you get back home…Don’t say ‘When I was living in Germany…‘ in response to everything… Don’t be obnoxious.”

It’s going to be hard not to be obnoxious. I might even be blogging about Germany for the rest of my life. I have only scratched the surface of our German experience, after all.

What Evolutionarily has seen this year has set a new blueprint for my future blogging life post-Deutschland.

Here are some highlights of Evolutionarily 2011:

Busiest Day:

August 23rd when I posted Philisopher’s Path to a Holy Mountain (even if I did misspell Philosopher).

Top Referring Sites:

Facebook & Other Bloggers

Top 5 Terms People Searched & Found My Blog:

“Coldplay” and they may have found this post;

“soldier of god” and probably found this post;

“mezzo mix brand” gave them this post;

“hysterectomy army women” where they may have found this.

and “kinderüberraschung” gave them this.

Top Commenters:

Mom, JB, Elesa, Emilie and Becky. Gee you guys are swell! My mom, has always been my biggest fan.

Top Posts:

Philosopher’s Way to a Holy Mountain

Relationships: Benjamin Ashley II (because my brother is Moby1 Trailers)

FGF #5: Kinder Überrashung

Schwarzwald, Licthenstein & the Bärenhöhle


Looks like I can do a lot more writing about my favorite band to get more readers!

My sincerest thanks to all my friends, family and strangers as far away as Africa and Egypt. Thank you for visiting and an even bigger THANKS to those of you who read. I love you for it!

2 thoughts on “2011 in Evolutionarily Blog Review

  1. I gotta start leaving more comments so I can catch up to your Mom. Probably ain’t gonna happen. Anywayz, when you says about not referring to Germany so much when you get home it reminded me of how missionaries do the “on my mission I…” thing when they get home. It’s no wonder missionaries do that, cuz their lives were changed so much by their experiences. Germany sounds like it did the same for you. Go ahead and zing it at us as often as you like. Please disregard any jealous grunts you may perceive.

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