Photo(s) of the Weekend: Winter and Death

One of the great blessings of having the new iPad is that My Al and I don’t have to share his laptop. I’m two days behind on this post because I’ve attempted to blog from the new iPad only to have it disappear before I finished. Last night I was cursing the learning curve of new technology.

This week has definitely brought on the January Blahs. I think it might be a result of the consecutive days of drizzle and fog; we haven’t seen the sun since I don’t remember when. It could also be that we haven’t adventured out of town for the past two weekends.

That means this post gets photos from a previous outing.

Alan is really into Genealogy and has a cousin who has discovered a family line that they weren’t sure was connected because of the name spelling being changed. If it isn’t their family, they are sort of at standstill. When this family line was discovered, it was like discovering a long lost treasure.

During Christmas break, we decided to dig out the family group sheets and see if there was a chance a relative might be within the Twingo’s one-hour radius. After about an hour of studying, we found a relative in Ittlingen, less than 30 minutes away. With the family line plotted out in pen to understand just how Johann was directly connected to My Al, we hopped in the car to find a cemetery.

We found Ittlingen. We found the cemetery. We didn’t find a headstone older than 25 years. Then I vaguely remembered hearing something about digging up old graves for more recently deceased because of space. We came home, looked it up online and were saddened for all genealogists on a treasure hunt. The Germans rent the plots for 20-25 years, allowing the bones to fully decompose (although there’s a gross new twist on this that I would have rather not read), and then re-rent the space to someone else. Those whose rent has expired are left in the record books of the town.

It was a fun little hunt, nonetheless, and was part of our little cemetery/memorial hopping that included this photo (near Ittlingen)…


and this (at a Heidelberg cemetery)…


and this (also HD cemetary)…


and this (each plot has a flower bed at the foot of the headstone)…

and my favorite photo of all from the week’s adventure, taken at the beautiful Heidelberg WWI Memorial…

Winter and death. They are solemn but beautiful promises of a greater tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the Weekend: Winter and Death

  1. Oh, how I enjoy your poetic entries and pictures added feed one more sense of enjoyment. I too am struggling to use my new iPad. The whole of wanting one was to better study my scriptures and sometimes my notes stay where they are put and at other times I spend hours adding them only to find they didn’t save or perhaps have attached themselves elsewhere and i will discover them one day. It does my heart good to hear you “youngins” complaining maybe I’m not too old and will eventually get it. If you run into “Rearick/Rorigh” names in your research please save them for me. I can trace my fathers family back to Germany but not much after that. Your adventure sounds so wonderful. Love you guys.

  2. Beautiful cemeteries! Where do they put the bones they dig up? That is really quite gross. January blahs just hit me today. I don’t usually suffer from them. Wish I were there to send them off. There seems to be such beauty, picturesque sites and intriguing history there all around you! Love you! Miss you! Thanks for sharing.

    • I don’t know where they put the bones since they don’t decompose (just the bodies do, of course that’s what I meant). I didn’t research it past the gross soil changing the body to a solid substance.

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