Photos of the Weekend: Bad Wimpfen

Sun, glorious sun!

We were able to get out and bask in it on Saturday, crisp biting cold though it was.

We didn’t find any old headstones a few weeks ago, but Al did discover that his ancestor Johann helped settle that little village of Ittlingen in the late 1600’s. Taking advantage of the blue skies, we went there again to get some more photos.

We went a little farther down the road to the village of Bad Wimpfen. It has a fascinating history dating back to 420 BC and the Celts. And it’s credited as the home to the first German Christmas market.

It’s never NOT a good time to behold a tower to climb.

Blauer Turm (“Blue Tower”)

It’s icing on the cake when the sun cooperates with the purpose of the tower and one can see for miles and miles.

In the end (like now, as I’m blogging about it) our adventure was all the more dimensional for Alan to be up there…

taking photos, while I (and Woody) was (were) down there…

filming video on the new iPad.

Bad Wimpfen is most definitely one of my favorite villages to saunter through. For anyone visiting this area, it’s a ‘must see’.

Even in the winter.

My Weekend Photo Fave

Without snow, with fewer things in bloom,

and without Christmas market.

Just ask the swan.

I’m sure he’ll agree that January in Bad Wimpfen is lovely.

5 thoughts on “Photos of the Weekend: Bad Wimpfen

  1. Germany is definitely on my list of places to visit. It looks so quaint and picturesque, cliches I know, but so true. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.

    • It’s funny what living here for 6 months will do to you. I read your comment and thought to myself, “What does he mean ‘good’ Wimpfen?” (since Bad is pronounced “bahd”). But only for a split second.

  2. So wonderful! Love it! That tower has to be the best tower I’ve ever seen. My imagination couldn’t even dream up a better one. When was it built? I LOVE all the rooftops. I think I want to live there in that little town.

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