FGF: German Joghurt

I’ve mentioned the wonderment of German dairy before, but the yogurt here deserves its proper dues as one of my Favorite German Finds.

I didn’t have the patience today to sift through the plethora of online results to determine the exact difference between the dairy in the States and German yogurt.

So here is my description:

German Joghurt/Yoghurt (seen spelled both ways on packaging) is…

less bitter sour and more in the way of tart sour

less gelatin-like, more home-made-whipped-cream-like

less sweet

has a higher fat content (I’m guessing)

sometimes creamier

oftentimes runnier

never equal to the same consistency

…than American yogurt

And now you can practically taste what I mean, right?

This is one of our favorite brands. Never mind the Greek labeling; it’s made in Germany. It’s just a creamier version of their creamy version (sinfully yummy!)

I wish I could teleport samples to you like in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

2 thoughts on “FGF: German Joghurt

  1. I’m so glad you pictured our favorite “Greek” yogurt (I like the apricose flavor). Only we buy ours at the commissary, probably pay way more than at the Edeka. Anyway you spell it, stir it, or buy it, it’s Ehrfürchtig!!

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