FGF 02/02/12: Den Berliner oder das Reigler?

Translation: “The Berliner or the Riegler?”

I can’t decide which one I like more.

I can’t have one without the other. Well, I could go to just about any other German bäckerei (bay-ker-eye) and find a Berliner, but then I would not have chosen the Reigler as my Favorite German Find.

The Reigler (rye-gluh(r)) is my favorite because of its location. It’s the nearest bäckerei to the Mini Haus. Even Woody knows the way. In fact, should you happen to visit us and should you happen to take Woody for a walk and take a right turn just outside our door, he would lead you to the fields. If you were to instead take a left at our doorway, he would lead you to the Reigler. Food and running off leash are his top two motivators.

But this isn’t really meant to be a post about Woody.

The Berliner. Forget any idea of any American jelly filled donut you’ve ever tasted. If you dare even think Hostess, I call you to repentance and command you to seek out a better way of life. Fresh baked goods are worth it. I’m not commanding excess, just higher quality.

The fried but light and flaky texture of the Berliner makes the bites to the oozing center a pleasant journey. And then…oh my!

This Vampir-Küsse Berliner has raspberry jelly that is a perfect blend of freshness via tart and sweet.

I’m guessing this one is named “Vahm-peer-kooh-suh” (vampire kiss) because it’s dangerous. Between these and the fresh pretzels–soon to be a Favorite German Find–my self control is tested to the max.

Can I just say Woody made me do it?

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