The End is Near

The day after my parents left from their two week visit, I purchased my ticket to move back to the States. I think I’ve been in a state of shock ever since. Yes, it’s that time already. And my inner being has lost connection with my body and mind.

I’m 100% thrilled to be going back home–as long as I’m thinking about it. Then, as I wander about doing things that have become routine but may never be routine again, that maxed-out internal barometer wanes like I’m in a gird locked arm wrestle with myself.

For times like these closure is crucial to the human spirit. That’s why we are planning a road trip in a few weeks.

Holland was where I first set foot in Europe six years ago. Holland and my lovely Dutch friend Barbara will be part of our saying goodbye. It’ll be the perfect capstone to this…tour. Calling it an “unintentional pilgrimage” would be more appropriate.

Meanwhile I am making a list of things I plan to replicate after returning to the States, from personal habits and lifestyle to my home style. Take, for example, this branch dripping with hearts on display at Depot (the store being a definite Favorite German Find).


It’s all about making the most of what’s left and pinching ourselves to see if it’s real.

2 thoughts on “The End is Near

  1. As always Lynsie your word strike me like lightning. My heart aches in remembrance of leaving the comfort of a place where you are absolutely safe to be who you are. The real you, the you who is one with God! We come in and out of such places often times without realizing it, but on that rare occasion you wake up and realize you truly feel safe, that’s when it hurts to transition back to reality. I can not wait to see the new traditions you bring back to your life in the sates. I selfishly await your return, to wrap you in my arms and feel your powerful spirit!

    love you guys

  2. Wow Trin that was eloquently stated! As is yours always Lynsie. Loved what you said and so glad you get to see more Europe. I wish I could go back and shop in that store and a few others. Loved the shopping. Hate that I didn’t buy more. Like that black and white china and more German things. can’t wait to see you again.

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