Side Bar: A Traveler’s Lesson Learned

Everyone that has ever visited historic landmarks will have an opinion when you tell them where you are going. Even though I have only heard a handful of negatives, I decided that handful is far too many people who are “disappointed”.

Take, for example, Neuschwantstein castle. Yes, it’s a shame that Ludwig was declared insane and found dead in a lake only 172 days after his dream castle was completed. Yes, he used modern technology of concrete rather quarried and chiseled stone.

And while we’re at it, no, the Mona Lisa isn’t the size of your neighbor’s plasma TV. No, the Eiffel Tower is not the tallest tower in the world.

But by their own merits, they are all crazy brilliance. Masterpieces. They are visibly striking in as many different ways as the number of people who visit them.

Can you imagine what you might create if you were crazy enough about something? It might be brilliance beyond anything ever seen. How will we ever know?

Expectations and comparisons are the demise of enjoyment and/or appreciation. If only I can remember that in all areas of my life.

One thought on “Side Bar: A Traveler’s Lesson Learned

  1. I watched The Amazing Race on Sunday and they were in Germany. Part of the race was getting a clue from Ludwig’s bedroom at Neuschwantstein castle! I did not know of this castle before watching The Amazing Race. Apparently it is the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle. See, watching TV can make you smarter, and help you follow the conversation on your friend’s blog! 😉 What an amazing adventure for you!

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