Goodbye Germany

April 2nd – That was the end of my days in Germany.

March 20th – That was the day I last blogged.

I could write about the days in between. I could write about the days since. The packing, the leaving, the flying, the reintegration into American/Utah life.  I could also write about the 1950’s brick home we moved into about three weeks ago. I could write about the past year for the rest of my life. Probably. If I wanted to.

Today it’s about saying “auf wiedersehen” (goodbye) to our home across the ocean.

We wrote this little interview intended for a Christmas letter that never was. I guess it is meant for now. (Alan and I didn’t read each others’ answers before, which explains the redundancy.)

1. About Living in Germany.

Alan- Living in Germany is a dream come true. Before, all I ever hoped for was to visit here for a couple of weeks. But now I get to live here for a whole year! SWEETNESS!

Lynsie- It’s a real live miracle that we’re even here! I could tell you the story to prove it. Wish I could share this country with everyone I know.

Woody- Go for a drive, walk, rest, play, rest, walk, play. Go-get-daddy!! It’s the good life.

2. Favorite destination in Germany.

A- The Haupstrasse. It is a long road of many shops and churches and when you get to the end and look up to the right there is a huge castle that sits on the side of the mountain. Well worth the long walk and sore feet.

L- I’m partial to Heidelberg, but next in line is Baden-Baden (means ‘bath-bath’ because of its ancient history with spas). The architecture is different than other towns nearby and its location is perfect.

W- Forest. Field. Those roads with all the food filled cracks. Anywhere the car goes when I can feel the wind in my face.

3. Favorite thing about German culture.

A- The greetings. There are many ways to way hello and goodbye. And when you ask someone how they are they take the time to tell you.

L- The simplicity: lack of blaring billboards, feeling safe because of the law abiding citizens.

W- I can go in lost of stores, restaurants, some churches, some castles. Bunny poop. Chasing pigeons.

4. Least favorite thing about living in Germany.

A- The cost of living. We paid big bucks for a little bitty space and healthier food. It was worth it though.

L- The distance from family. The cost of the Mini Haus.

W- I don’t get to eat anything at the restaurants.

5. Your job.

A- Once I adjusted I liked my job. I like that I get to interact with so many people of different faiths. What an eye opener that was. We all have a lot in common, namely Jesus.

L- A little dog sitting for neighbors/friends, a little piano teaching, a little missionary chauffeuring, a little shoulder rubbing of great people, a little more time to prepare dinner, and time to learn how to re-prioritize my priorities in life.

W- My job is to be loved. Walking. Licking. Doing tricks. Wrestling. Getting kisses on my head.

6. The Twingo.

A- Just the name makes me think small and the sound of something falling off of it. But what a blessing it has been. It isn’t fast or comfy on long distances but it gets us where we want to go.

L- Grateful to have a car. Won’t be sad to say goodbye.

W- “Window time!” ‘Nuff said.

7. Castles.

A- GALORE!! I would have loved to have seen this place back in the day when they were up and running. The one in Heidelberg is the biggest so far.

L-They’re everywhere! And I can’t get enough of them.

W- Climbing. Many steps. Smells like old dirty water.

8. The Church.

A- Is true!! Just wanted to get that out there. I am so going to miss the Heidelberg Military Ward when it is time to go. So for now I am enjoying the people and the wunderbar (“wonderful”) Spirit that is present. The Bishop is so dang funny and spiritual all at the same time. Love him!

L- Family away from family. The truth is anywhere we go in the world. Serving with the Sister Missionaries has been a highlight of my German experience.

W- Lots of kids to play with–when I can ‘come on’ out of the car.

9. Favorite pastime in Germany.

A- Watching German TV because that is the only TV we have. I am getting pretty good at reading lips for those shows that are dubbed over.

L- Seeing new places, trying new foods.

W- Go for a ride? Go get daddy?

10. Our future plans.

A- To boldly go where no man has gone before! I don’t know where that is yet but I am sure we will let you know when we get there!

L- I love Germany and wouldn’t mind staying, but I also look forward to being back in the States if not in Utah.

W- Does it mean I can run off leash?


Deutschlandwe will not be able to stay away forever. In the meantime, you are loved and missed!

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