I’m baack!

Miss me?

So have I.

I’m sorry that I’ve been lost, too self-absorbed to write. Oh wait– Is that what blogging is about? Being self-absorbed? Now you tell me! Hmm. Well, I’m sure you’ve all been too self-absorbed to notice that I haven’t written since May. Right?

But as my old boss used to say, with a no-really-I’m-being-serious grin on his face, “I don’t want excuses, I just want results.” (Of course he wasn’t talking to me though.)

So… Results. I’ve put a fresh face on my blog design, am equipped with my writer ego, and I’m ready to try being a regular in my own world.

A quick summary on the missing five months:

Moved into our house, mostly decorated it, made a minor change to the kitchen, created a hardy “To-Remodel” list, job hunted, took in an orphan kitten with more personality than I have, worked a lot on my parents’ house, started new jobs, started new hobbies, started new church duties, put Woody on a diet, and…

drum roll…

we OFFICIALLY started the application for adoption. Ta-da! I wasn’t just making it up about getting ourselves on the adoption trail before. It just took longer than I thought. Speaking of long processes, so far we’ve cleared the hurdles in the adoption journey, but it is already as arduous as they say. I’m thinking our age and life experiences should have taught us a little patience and endurance. But sometimes I think too much.

Here’s an example.

I was wondering about the trade off of edometriosis pain vs. my menopausal craziness. Once I realized the German estrogen I was taking was pretty close to useless, I stopped thinking about it and went to my local doc who put me back on the good stuff. I’m no longer feeling crazy. I’m writing again, for one thing.

And speaking of crazy hormonal stuff, my bro in law introduced me to this article, “Women with severe endometriosis may be more attractive”. I thought it very interesting and slightly disturbing that doctors considered this as an avenue of research. I sure hope that it amounts to something of real value for the future of endometriosis hosts. I dare you to ask any of these women if beauty is worth the price they are paying. But you better be prepared for a back handed answer.

9 thoughts on “I’m baack!

  1. Lynsie, of course you are missed. It’s good to read your blog and see what’s going on with your lives. The house looks really nice, hope you are enjoying it there. Good luck with the adoption process and hopefully you don’t have to wait too long. This is so exciting for you. How is Alan, is he liking his new job? We miss you guys here. Love, Sonila

    • Hi Sonila, I was just thinking about your the other day and realized I misplaced your blog address. But I found it so I will be checking up on you! Miss you guys!

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