It’s always good to know you are loved!

When I asked Alan about his expectations for his birthday, he said, “Eh, it’s just another birthday. Forty-seven isn’t a big deal.”

I didn’t think my guy–who likes to tell people at least a week in advance that his birthday is coming up, verbally or otherwise–would need to be reminded that birthdays are special. So I took his “Eh..” as a challenge.

I surprised him with donuts.


And a few people to eat the donuts with.


(Sibs and fams who live nearby. They are so handy to have around!)

And some decorated back yard with Dollar General merchandise.

And some silly popping balloons for…silliness


(Candles in the donuts because cake would be his last choice of desserts–especially for his birthday. Donuts are almost always his first choice. Any day.)

But what made his day extra special for him was this…


Yeah, that’s his phone. They’re all Facebook happy birthday wishes.

Just goes to show you that sometimes it pays to take matters into your own Facebooking fingers. And so is reminding people that your birthday is coming. Uh, it also doesn’t hurt to tell them that the B’day was yesterday, just in case someone forgot.

Silly man. It’s never “just another birthday”. And I love all 47 years of ya!

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