I Gave My Blog a Cleanse

My blog has a new face again. Yes, even newer than the other day. One of the most exciting elements of the makeover is becoming master of my own domain.

Welcome to evolutionarily-lyns.com!

This cleanse has been, in part, due to reader comments and what I see behind the scenes of blog postingdom (what a great word I just invented…oops, I just checked, somebody else beat me to the punch). Mostly it’s because I’ve been meaning to perform an overhaul for…oh, a while now, but my brain’s CEO recently woke up about this particular long lost goal.

Here’s a little detail about the changes. Because they’re cool and I spent hours and hours on them and I know most of you will never see them (after you humor me today, that is) since you subscribe or use a reader.

In addition to the new photo showcasing design and my very own URL, here are just a few of the other renovations. I’ve even included this screenshot demo and corresponding numbers to illustrate:

1 – I Cleared My Blogging Voice. Made the Categories less vague; even their descriptions are self explanatory. If…they had a self. And didn’t require me to type them up… You know what I mean. 

2 – Owned Up to My AuthorityPersonalized my “About” page. With a mission statement and everything. I feel like Jerry Maguire now. Only my memo is not 25 pages. It’s 4 really short paragraphs.

3 – Created Original Header. That’s me in the corner. (I’ve never lost my religion, in case that channeled some REM and you were wondering.) All the pencil sketches are reminders of things/people that are of greatest importance to me: my fearless independent 5 year old self (right corner), my hero and grandmother (middle), making memories with my husband (left corner), broadening my view through some of the “best books” and travel.

Lastly, something I couldn’t do without an upgrade to my blog…

4 – Video Streaming. In honor of my makeover, I (finally) put together a video of highlights from our trip with my parents to Paris last February.

Because it’s what I do.

4 thoughts on “I Gave My Blog a Cleanse

  1. I saw your post on ADDEr wanted you to know I understand more than you can imagine your journey to discovery and sanity.
    I was DX with adult ADD almost 15 years ago (43) AND I WAS TEACHING CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS/4-8 grades!!! (ironic/huh?)

    I was able to continue teaching a few more years.

    • Stevennbrenda, thank you for your comment. I think it will be people like you, who understand, that will help keep me from complete insanity. As much as I don’t like to admit it, I need others. We all need each other.

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