Favorite Find #1: Flipboard plus A Blog About Love, & a blog by Geeks

One of the things I miss most about living in Germany is discovering a new world and adding to my list of Favorite German Finds. I have to remind myself, however, that great things existed before I lived in Germany. Of course they did, and I’ve always been on the lookout for new favorite finds. That’s why life is never boring to me.

Except when it comes to trends. I really, very much, do not like trendy. A few someones could attest to the fact that it can be like pulling teeth to get me to do something that “everyone else is doing”. Boring. But I have been known to be a trend setter. For example– I read the Twilight book series and started blogging LONG before either was considered “the thing to do” or…the thing to despise. (Pick which applies to you and then thank me later.)

It’s true. And since doing all that trend setting pro-bono with oodles of pro-bono success as a result ($0 x $B = $0), I thought I would spend the next couple of days giving ya’ll a head start before finding yourself going with the flow. (You can love/hate me later.)

Today begins a series of posts on some of my most recent Favorite Finds.

Favorite Find #1 – Flipboard and 2 Newly Discovered Websites

It’s an app for the iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire & Nook.

Flipboard keeps my customized world of media updates in a nifty, organized fashion.

Here’s what I use it for:

  • reading news
  • finding out what’s on TV
  • news on upcoming movies
  • catching up on Facebook & Twitter
  • updates of favorite web sites & online magazines
  • following my favorite blogs

All in one location.

I have 2 new favorite (and quite contrasting) additions to my Flipboard:

  • GeekTyrant

Their slogan is “Movie news by geeks, for geeks.” I always thought I was a bit of a geek. Now I know I am for sure.

I like the site for their news and photos about upcoming movies–such as Captain America 2 and Breaking Dawn Part 2–as well as their introduction of crazy takeoffs by random artists of geek movie characters, like this realistic Yoda or these modernized, trendy Disney Princesses.

Interesting and random. Entertaining for us geeks. And rated PG-13 (be cautious with young kids around; some creepy looking horror movie characters may be on display).

  • A Blog About Love

It’s always nice to have someone you can relate to. I’m happy to have stumbled upon this blog yesterday via a collection of other blogs I follow.

Mara and Danny are a married (LDS) couple who live in Brooklyn, both divorced prior to meeting one another, and afterward created A Blog About Love to openly share their story to inspire others.

Their genuine pursuit of happiness and sharing it with others is a philosophy that can’t be spread too widely. Their blog is goodness I plan to draw from in my own challenges with a past that is constantly pushing me to forgive and encourage others, a second marriage to a miraculous man, and having faith through infertility.

Here’s an introduction to Mara and Danny’s story. Besides being inspiring, they are both beautiful people.

Mara also writes for the energetic online magazine, Babble. And her posts from both her personal blog and Babble titled “Tips from a J. Crew Personal Stylist” are awesome. You can find them here and here.


Okay, so now that you have been enlightened by some geeky and spiritual stuff, you’re life is complete. Just remember–you heard it from me first!

(*ahem* The real credit goes to: My brother Parker for always introducing me to cool stuff like Flipboard. And thanks go to Justin Hackworth for introducing me to A Blog About Love through his blog. Ironically, both men are talented artists as photographers and I’m a big fan of them both!)

Your comments are the butter to my bread.

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