Favorite Find: Spotify

If you haven’t tried Spotify yet, you should know — it’s one of the coolest internet inventions since the invention of the internet.

While in Germany we couldn’t use some of those luxury entertainment services like smart phones, Netflix, and Pandora. (That is, unless we could prove that we were going to live in Germany for at least two years and used two months of grocery money to pay for a satellite dish. Not possible.) So when my favorite Guru of Tech brother asked if I could use Spotify while there, I said “spot-a-what?” (Or at least I would have if I was as quick witted as I wish I were. I think what I said was, “Huh?”).

When we got back to Utah, one of the first things I did was get an iPhone. Then I started exploring Spotify. Now I don’t leave home without it.

I wasn’t sure I was a fan at first, but the Spotify peoples greased the sticky gears holding me in reservation and now I’m willing to upgrade from the free version and pay the $4.99 monthly subscription. (You can find more details about their Free, $4.99/mo, or $9.99/mo options here.)

Here’s why I signed up. Huge library to explore and discover new artists/music. Which makes picking a radio station and/or customizing it based on someone I like really awesome. Sounds like Pandora, right? Except Spotify’s collection is Huger! (Yes, I know huger is not a word.)

(a screen shot of my own Spotify)

I was in the dark for a while living out of the country so maybe this is old news to some of you. But if you’ve never heard of it, never tried it, or are still stuck in I Have No Idea Why I Signed Up Land, here are my pros and cons.

My Thumbs Ups of Spotify:

  • Discovering new music.– For example, I just saw that my brother was listening to a Diana Krall song with a title that I had never heard of. Low and behold she has a new album that was just released this week!
  • Listening to an entire album! Even brand new releases.*
  • Remembering the songs I liked and listening to them again (or the entire album) later by clicking the thumbs up. (It not only customizes your selected radio station better, it adds the song to the “Liked from Radio” section.)*
  • Collecting a favorite songs list (click the star next to the song; puts it in the “Starred” section).*
  • Even $9.99 per month is still cheaper than the amount of money I was spending on music every year (some years). My bro says he will never buy another album again.
  • You can listen to music on your mobile device off line (when I upgrade, that is).
  • Can create Playlists and share them.

Thumbs Downs (more like WARNINGS):

  • Listening to Spotify may turn you into a music snob and/or intolerant of commercial radio.
  • Explicit Lyrics albums are not censored. (These are rare in the genres I like, but it’s a great thing that there are thumbs down and skip buttons).
  • The free service advertisements can drive you to craziness. Or drive you to pay the monthly subscription, which I have decided is their ploy via repetitiveness of the same 2 or 3 ads throughout the day.
  • If you don’t want others to see what you listen to or you don’t want your Facebook/Spotify friends to think you have gone to the dark side of music because your son was listening to something *off color* with your account open, you will want to adjust the sharing settings.
  • Not enough MoTab! Their collection of Mormon Tabernacle Choir albums is severely lacking. Until that is remedied, I go back to Pandora or my personal collection for my dose.

In case you’re not convinced yet, here’s something that should push you over the edge. They just played a cover of Coldplay’s song “The Scientist” by none other than Willie Nelson. Who’da thunk? Just goes to show you– Spotify is uh-may-zing!

*Only available through the desktop, Unlimited, and Premium versions of Spotify. But don’t quote me on that. I haven’t upgraded yet.


By the way, this will be my last Favorite Find for the week. It was just a little focus assignment to get myself in the groove of my newly defined subject matter a.k.a. Categories, but more Favorite Finds will pop up here and there in the future.

And also BTW, numbering my Favorite Finds was a stupid idea the first time. Why don’t I learn? It’s a great question that my husband would like answered. Me too.

Do you find my changing mind to be frustrating? Try being my head. And then enjoy the lack of boredom.

Moving on…

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