Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Letting go of my first love seven years ago literally caused me weeks of heart pain. Even while recovering in Hawaii it hurt to breathe. I struggled to get out of bed. To believe that I could like life. To like men again, let alone love or trust one. To believe that I even wanted a second chance.

With each of the five plus passing years since I took this photo, more hope colors the sands behind my self portrait. Alan and I knew so little of each other when we walked this honeymoon beach. The fact that he continually proves to be exactly who I need causes this image to grow in significance. Heaven knew Alan was who I needed in order to believe in second chances, to believe anything is possible.

This is the significance of this photo. I wish to be a real, credible writer. Fear holds me back. But this photo brings with it surges of hope. It is a reminder that the earthly idea of living life may appear as a silhouette to my dreams, but the connection between them is actually God given. It’s a connection which allows me to at least see that my wishes and I, together, are part of the bigger picture.

Thanks to The Daily Post by WordPress and their encouragement to persevere.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. LOVE the photo. This piece wowed me. Very well put! I’m glad you found Alan and life again! I have trouble posting comments on your blog. It doesn’t want to let me.

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