Requiem to Healing Painting

“We are infinitely more than our limitations or our afflictions.” — Jeffrey R. Holland

Musical Colors Painting – Set to “Requiem” by Kurt Bestor & Sam Cardon Pentico_Musical Colors_timeline.jpg

This was our final assignment for Topics in Color Space at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. Measures 12″ x 41.5″, Acrylic on Bristol Vellum, 8/19/2016.

Here is a PDF version: Pentico_Musical Colors Timeline

The assignment was to create an elongated piece based on a song of our choice and incorporating color and style concepts learned throughout the course. I chose to base my colors on Kandinsky’s color theory, specifically related to music (gray=absence of sound, blue=cello, etc. read more in link below.) And the song I chose is “Requiem” by Kurt Bestor & Sam Cardon. At a time when all things worldly were like fingernails on a chalkboard, this song transported me away from it all– it helped me heal.

I chose a butterfly to represent the process of healing because if its symbolism of vulnerability and meekness. It goes through 6 stages, beginning on the second blue circle from the left in mostly black. As it moves through the ribbons of color, the butterfly takes on more color, grows and becomes lighter and brighter by the end. This evolution represents the way our trials help us become better if we allow them to. I have added a timeline to the bottom of the painting to indicate the transitions that correspond with the music timing. Open the song and listen as you look at the painting.
Kandinsky’s theory:…/1…/Kandinsky_%20Color%20Theory.pdf

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