Looking at the day to day of living wherever we are, life seems ordinary. But on the whole, life evolves extraordinarily.

Becoming a mother was a burning inside of me even before my family or religious culture could fan the flame. This blog is my journey to love, marriage, and motherhood. the long awaited journey of motherhood through adoption of our precious baby girl.


For a wee bit more context behind my blog posts, here’s a brief timeline (with links to related posts):

1970’s – I was born, 4th of 6 rascals.
1980’s – Grew up by way of generous parents who exposed said rascals to more cultural highlights than humanly possible in (while fully appreciating back country treasures of) rural Utah.
1990’s – I have proof that I graduated high school despite being consumed by dancing, socializing, and pining after my long distance love.
1991-2005 – 3.5 years dated, then married high school sweetheart; 5 years in Utah; 3 years in Kansas; 3+ years in Nevada all adds up to a lifetime that included loving, learning, triumph, laughter, success, and seemingly never ending battles with endometriosis, infertility, and betrayal. grieved.
2005 – Divorced, moved to Utah. Traveled. Healed. Schooled in writing. Employed in Office.
2007 – Met my bold, outside the social norm box, tender hearted, order-to-my-chaos Alan.
Al returned from a deployment. Both of us Schooled in Massage. And became temporary parents of Alan’s niece Samantha for 1.5 years (aged 9 1/2 – 11).

2010 – Samantha returned to California to be with her family. We focused on our still new massage business. Adopted dog, Woody. Quality of life increased by 100% by eliminating–once and for all–endometriosis via hysterectomy.
2011Lived in Germany for Al’s 1 year tour as Chaplain Assistant. Explored a little Europe.
Presently – Utah dwelling. Grateful parents of our beautiful Lenna.